Instagram is very important for a creative in this day and age, in fact. Most of my clients come through my instagram and haven’t even seen my website yet. But, it can be hard to keep track. So today I’ll give you some tips on how to up your productivity game when it comes to instagram.

So, you’ve shot your new van Gogh classed masterpiece, what now? Let’s start with the basics, getting the temperature and exposure right, stuff like that! For these first stept I personally use Lightroom Mobile, it’s by adobe and it’s perfect! You have full control over your images like it would be in the desktop version of Lightroom (if your not familiar with Lightroom, it’s made by Adobe. Just like Photoshop). After I did the basics, I most of the times import it in to the the Justin Bieber of photo apps. VSCO, everyone knows this one right? Personally I always go for the A series filters, they apply perfectly to my style.

Think your done? already opened instagram to share? wait up! You are missing out on a key step in a successful post. Timing. If you don’t post on the right time your post can be buried to the bottom of someones feed before they even opened instagram. So, know your times! You may ask.. how? unum is your answer.